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Passion Never Cuts Corners.

In 1967, two automotive engineers with a passion for motorsports began fine-tuning enginesforMercedes-Benz racecars in an old mill. Today, as the performance division of Mercedes-Benz,AMGcreates some of the most sought-after vehicles in the world. They are the product ofskilledcraftsmen, designers and engineers who live to test the limits, and one sharedconviction: onthe road to driving performance, short cuts never win the race.

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  • 80s
    80sTheHammer Drops
    With an unheard-of top speed of 300 km/h and 375 lb-ft ofbrutetorque, the refined-looking 300E AMG 5.6 is dubbed “The Hammer”
  • 90s
    90sFirstof its kind
    The C36 AMG, the first car jointly developed by Mercedes-BenzandAMG, begins production. In two years, it becomes the first AMG modelevermarketed in Canada.
  • 00s
    00sEngineof Change
    The first series-produced engine developed wholly by AMGisunveiled. A 6.3L V8, it reigns as one of the most powerful naturallyaspiratedengines in production.
  • 10s
    Mercedes-AMG wins its first-ever Formula 1constructors’championship, powered by an innovative and potent electricpowertrain and a 1.6LV6 turbocharged engine.


Even at first glance, you can tell there’s something different aboutaMercedes-AMG. The sharpened profile. The wider wheel arches. The road-hugging lower bodywork.Atthe AMG Design Center in Affalterbach, the aggressive character of Mercedes-AMG takesshapebased on the advanced, high-performance technology beneath its skin.

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Whether it’s the hand-built craftsmanship of the “One Man – OneEngine”philosophy or the ever-advancing technological leadership of the latest biturbos, an AMGengineis developed not just to perform, but to outperform. But it’s just one of manyhigh-performanceweapons in our engineering arsenal.

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The AMG definition of a complete work of art means developingallperformance-relevant components for our vehicles by ourselves. More than 700 of ouremployeeswork in the development department, all of whom devote themselves to creatinginnovations againand again. For example, in accordance with our One Man — One Engine philosophy,every singleengine in a Mercedes-AMG 45, 63 or 65 model is handcrafted by its own highly trainedmasterengine builder, and in accordance with the strictest quality standards. It’s just one wayourengineers express their dedication, passion and character.

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