E-Class Cabriolet

The All-New 2018

E-Class Cabriolet

Blue-sky thinking, starry-eyed dreaming.

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E 400 4MATIC Cabriolet

Engine 3.0L V6 biturbo
Horsepower/Torque 329 hp @ 5,250-6,000 rpm
354 lb-ft @ 1,600–4,000 rpm
Transmission 9G-TRONIC 9-speed
Fuel Economy 12.0 L/100km (City)
9.2 L/100km (Highway)


From its longer wheelbase to its tailored top, the new E-Class Cabriolet melds a rich tradition of open-air elegance with innovations in driving enjoyment. Whether an onlooker or one of its four occupants, there’s more to enjoy than ever before.

E-Class Cabriolet Design

Additional legroom, unlimited headroom.

Four individual seats offer added room, especially in the rear cabin. From the dash vents to the flowing sculpture of wood and leather, exquisite details lure the eye to gaze, and welcome passengers to stay and enjoy the ride.

E-Class Cabriolet Design

Widescreen views, inside and out.

A 12.3-inch mutimedia screen unites navigation, entertainment and numerous comfort settings with an intuitive touchpad on the console. An optional 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster is available to create a complete widescreen cockpit.[1]

E-Class Cabriolet Design

Three layers, for four seasons.

The acoustic soft top is impeccably tailored from three layers nearly 25mm thick, including an insulating core with rich fabric offered in four colours. In under 20 seconds, it vanishes into the trunk, leaving generous cargo space.

E-Class Cabriolet Design

Scintillating and sporty.

From the chrome-tips pins in its grille to its wide LED taillamps, the E-Class Cabriolet is radiant in any light. Athletic AMG body styling is standard and set off by AMG wheels in standard 18-inch or optional 19-inch designs.


The newest masterpiece of intelligence is the beautiful union of blue-sky thinking and starry-eyed dreaming. Groundbreaking technologies take open-air motoring to new heights of driving convenience, passenger satisfaction, and safety for all.

E-Class Cabriolet Innovation

Unheard-of advances, even to guard your hearing.

Radar and other sensors watch for vehicles, pedestrians and obstacles in your path when driving, reversing or parking. PRE-SAFE Sound can sense an impending collision and pre-trigger your ears’ natural defense against loud noises.[2]

E-Class Cabriolet Innovation

Unexpected comfort, even in unseasonable weather.

Season-extending innovations let you enjoy top-down driving in more ways, on more days, or even cool evenings. AIRSCARF can envelop your neck and shoulders in warm air, like an invisible scarf. AIRCAP helps quell turbulence at highway speeds.

E-Class Cabriolet Innovation

More ways to get what you want, or where you’re going.

Standard Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto let you enjoy their intuitive interfaces, advanced voice controls, and a variety of useful apps via the high-resolution displays and elegant controls of your E-Class.[3]


The rush of the wind starts from within the E-Class Cabriolet. From its biturbo engine and aerodynamically refined body to its available air suspension, the E-Class harnesses the air to put the wind at your back.

E-Class Cabriolet Performance

Twin turbos, many benefits.

The 329-hp biturbo V6 does most everything quickly. It can rush you from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.5 seconds. And in a matter of milliseconds, it can fine-tune itself on the fly, turning every drop of fuel into a tidal wave of torque.[4]

E-Class Cabriolet Performance

All wheels in, for all-year control.

Standard 4MATIC all-wheel drive makes this a cabriolet for all seasons, with added confidence in winter and nimble agility and efficiency year-round. Optional self-leveling, multimode AIR BODY CONTROL balances comfort with control on any road.

E-Class Cabriolet Performance

Nine speeds, for smoother sailing.

With nine speeds and multiple modes, the advanced 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission is more flexible in range, more decisive in response. Shift paddles let you take charge for yourself with a flick of your fingertips.

E-Class Cabriolet Performance

A mode for every road, or any mood.

DYNAMIC SELECT dials in the car’s performance character with the tap of a console button. The throttle, shifting, chassis and more sharpen in Sport mode, ease up in ECO. There’s even a mode you can set up as you like.

[1] While the navigation system provides directional assistance, the driver must remain focused on safe driving behavior, including paying attention to traffic and street signs. The driver should utilize the system’s audio cues while driving and should only consult the map or visual displays once the vehicle has been stopped in a safe place. Maps do not cover all areas or all routes within an area.

[2] Even the most advanced safety systems may not be sufficient to avoid an accident. Systems do not react to certain stationary objects, nor recognize or predict the curvature and/or lane layout of the road or every movement of other vehicles and pedestrians. Some systems provide alerts only. It is the driver’s responsibility at all times to be attentive to traffic and road conditions, and to provide the steering, braking and other driving inputs necessary to retain control of the vehicle. Drivers are cautioned not to wait for system alerts before braking, as that may not afford sufficient time and distance to brake safely. See Operator’s Manual for system operating speeds and additional information and warnings. Audio/multimedia system must be turned on for PRE-SAFE Sound to operate.

[3] Apple CarPlay™ is a product of Apple Inc. Android Auto is a product of Google Inc. Device and app providers’ terms and privacy statements apply. Requires connected compatible device and data plan. Apps, content and features are selected solely by their providers. Connection to apps and streaming services may be limited by the device’s network connection. Data usage is routed through device and subject to fees, charges and restrictions in user’s wireless plan. Vehicle’s factory audio/information interface, including COMAND navigation may not be used simultaneously with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. When Apple CarPlay or Android Auto is in use, the steering-wheel voice control button accesses Siri® or Google voice recognition software for voice commands.

[4] Stated rates of acceleration are estimated based upon manufacturer’s track results and may vary depending on model, environmental and road surface conditions, driving style, elevation and vehicle load.

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