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Mercedes-Benz 2023 EQB SUV

Receive $7,000 in cash credits[1]

Lease Rates from 5.49% ARP for up to 48 Months[2]

Loyalty lease rate 3.99%[3]

Recieve a 3-month payment waiver[4]

[1] $7,000 savings based on lease, finance & cash purchases of 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQB 350 SUV st#257180, with 90 kms. Retailers are free to set individual prices and charge administration fees, which may change the APR or the price of the vehicle. [2] Lease Rate from 5.49% for up to 48 months based on the 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQB 350 SUV st#257180, with 90 kms and is available through Mercedes-Benz Financial Services on approved credit. [3] 3.99% loyalty rate reduction available on 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQB 350 is valid for current Mercedes-Benz owners only, please see Mercedes Benz Nanaimo for details and is available through Mercedes-Benz Financial Services on approved credit; rates cannot go below 0%. Vehicle images for illustration purposes only. [4] The 3-month payment waiver for finance programs on 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQB 350 on approved credit. The payment waivers are capped up to a total of $1,000/month including tax per Mercedes-Benz model. Certain conditions apply. Offers may change without notice and cannot be combined with any other offers. Offers end November 30th, 2023. Please see Mercedes Benz Nanaimo for complete details. DL9808 #30818

Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-EQ EQB plugged in

Electromobility in a family package.

Whether a large nuclear family or a small extended family: as a seven-seater, the new EQB offers space for many configurations and a wide variety of transport needs. This gives it an exceptional position not only in the compact segment, but especially among electric cars. The two seats in the third row can be used by people up to 1.65 metres tall, and child seats can also be fitted with ease. The powerful and efficient electric drive, clever energy recuperation, and predictive Navigation with Electric Intelligence are among the EQB SUV's standout features.

Discover The Details That Are Shaping The Future

Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-EQ Intelligent driving assistance systems.

Intelligent driving assistance systems.

The EQB features intelligent driving assistance systems with cooperative support for the driver. Active Lane Keeping Assist and Active Brake Assist are fitted as standard. In many critical situations, the latter has the ability to prevent a collision or reduce its severity with autonomous braking. The system is also able to brake for stationary vehicles and crossing pedestrians at typical city speeds.

The EQB is also a true Mercedes-Benz when it comes to passive safety. Building on the robust bodyshell structure of the GLB, the body of the EQB was adapted to the special requirements of an electric car. A battery guard in the front area of the battery is able to prevent the energy storage unit from being pierced by foreign objects.

Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-EQ Electro design aesthetics

Electro design aesthetics with corners and edges.

The EQB interprets Mercedes-EQ’s Progressive Luxury in an edgy and particularly characterful way. Distinctive design features of the all-electric world of Mercedes-EQ vehicles include the continuous light strip at front and rear. A horizontal fibre-optic strip connects the daytime running lights of the full-LED headlamps, ensuring a high level of recognizability both in daylight and at night. The function-oriented greenhouse with upright windscreen makes the comfortable interior possible. Circumferential and protective cladding elements structure the overall proportion. The muscular and sensuously modeled vehicle shoulder dominates the side view, which is further enhanced by the rise of the beltline.

Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-EQ Efficient driving with Electric Intelligence.

Efficient driving with Electric Intelligence.

ECO Assist offers a recuperation process optimised to the particular situation. It incorporates navigation data, traffic sign recognition and information from the vehicle sensors into its efficiency strategy.

The standard Navigation with Electric Intelligence also contributes to the effortless handling of the EQB in everyday life. It calculates the fastest route to the destination, including any necessary charging stops. It is also able to react dynamically to changes, for instance in the traffic situation or personal driving style. In addition, the Navigation with Electric Intelligence ensures that the high-voltage battery is brought to an optimal charging temperature before a planned charging stop, if required.

The Advantages of Electric Intelligence

Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-EQ Electricity as Luxury

Electricity as Luxury

Quiet, calm, clean and smooth, electric vehicles represent not only the future of the automobile, but of luxury driving itself.

Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-EQ Refined Performance

Refined Performance

Electric drive systems have several advantages over traditional engines. They deliver power to the wheels instantly, for greater torque and acceleration.

Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-EQ Cutting-Edge Styling

Cutting-Edge Styling

The Mercedes-Benz EQ lineup has a distinguished look and feel with an elegant, streamlined shape and a simple, yet sophisticated interior.

EQ & A

Where can I find public charging stations and are there enough of them where I live?
There are thousands of electric charging stations all across Canada, and more are popping up every day. Find charging stations near you by visiting: https://www.caa.ca/evstations/. Here you can see all of the charging stations in your area and plan trips knowing where you can recharge along the way.
How often do I need to charge and how long does it take?
In most cases, people charge at home and at work when their car is parked and they’re busy doing other things. Plug-in hybrids have a shorter range in fully electric mode but can be powered by the vehicle’s combustion engine for longer trips.
Are Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles safe?
Mercedes-Benz has set many safety standards that all other automobiles follow. The same high safety standards that define Mercedes-Benz cars apply to plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles. The batteries are all safely protected in the event of an accident, and depending on the severity of the accident, the high voltage system is automatically disconnected in fractions of a second.
Are electric vehicles only for local driving or can I take them on a road trip?
It is a common myth that electric vehicles can only go a short distance. To see where an electric vehicle could take you, visit https://www.caa.ca/evstations/. Here you can see all of the charging stations in your area and plan possible trips and where you can recharge along the way.
Do electric vehicles perform as well as gas-powered vehicles?
Yes. In fact, they perform even better in areas like torque and acceleration. Because the drive system is electric as opposed to mechanical, the reaction is instant, without the lag of a typical gas engine. Electric vehicles are also quieter and smoother for a more pleasant driving experience.
What’s the difference between EQ, EQ Power, and EQ Power+?
All vehicles with an EQ badge have an electric or semi-electric powertrain. EQ vehicles are fully electric, with no gas component whatsoever, whereas vehicles with EQ Power are hybrids, featuring an electric motor alongside a traditional internal combustion engine. Vehicles with EQ Power+ are high-performance hybrids from Mercedes-AMG that use electric technology for enhanced all-around performance.

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