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The world’s greatest automobiles are going electric.

Mercedes-Benz: All Electric Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-EQ


All-terrain, all-electric SUV with optional seating for seven.

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Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-EQ


Magnificence, connection, and comfort for up to five.

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Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-EQ


The luxury SUV reinvented to excel for up to six.

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Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-EQ

EQE Sedan

A mid-size sedan with E-Class lineage and electric power.

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Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-EQ

EQS Sedan

S-Class luxury with an electric architecture all its own.

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What is Mercedes-Benz EQ Technology?

With Mercedes-Benz EQ Technology, the electric future is here. Through expert engineering and cutting-edge technology, the next wave of Mercedes-Benz vehicles will usher in a new era of luxury driving. Electric vehicles present clear benefits in the areas of sustainability and efficiency, but also in performance and design. At Mercedes-Benz, we pledge to embrace the electric future while continuing to build the greatest cars the world has ever seen.

The Advantages of Electric Intelligence

Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-EQ Electricity as Luxury

Electricity as Luxury

Quiet, calm, clean and smooth, electric vehicles represent not only the future of the automobile, but of luxury driving itself.

Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-EQ Refined Performance

Refined Performance

Electric drive systems have several advantages over traditional engines. They deliver power to the wheels instantly, for greater torque and acceleration.

Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-EQ Cutting-Edge Styling

Cutting-Edge Styling

The Mercedes-Benz All Electric Vehicles have a distinguished look and feel with an elegant, streamlined shape and a simple, yet sophisticated interior.

Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-EQ Synchronous Motors

Synchronous Motors

All Mercedes-Benz Electric Vehicles use synchronous motors, known for their high efficiency, compact size and ability to produce high torque at low speeds.

Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-EQ The MBUX Hyperscreen

The MBUX Hyperscreen

The available MBUX Hyperscreen is a 56-inch curved glass surface housing multiple screens. Stretching from door to door, it provides a seamless and highly-intuitive interface for drivers and passengers to control their vehicle's settings.

Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-EQ Lithium-ion Batteries

Lithium-ion Batteries

Positioned beneath the vehicle floor, our next-generation Lithium-ion batteries set new benchmarks in performance, efficiency and charging capacity.

Charging On The Road

Charge your Mercedes easily with Mercedes me ChargeThrough our partnership with ChargePoint, you can access thousands of high-powered public charging stations coast-to-coast. Once you’re registered for Mercedes me Charge, you can use your vehicle’s multimedia display or the Mercedes me App to find charging locations and determine the current availability and the price at the selected charging station.

Further reducing the carbon footprint with Green ChargingBy means of high-quality certificates of origin, Mercedes-Benz guarantees that energy from renewable energy sources is fed into the grid for charging current sourced via Mercedes me Charge.

Charging At Home

A Premium Home Charging ExperienceThere’s no better place to charge your vehicle than in the comfort of your own garage. That’s why Mercedes-Benz Canada has partnered with FLO and Qmerit to provide a premium home charging experience. Mercedes-Benz All Electric Vehicle owners can arrange to have their FLO charging station installed right in your home, so you can charge overnight and be ready to hit the road at a moment’s notice.

Installing your Home Charging StationQmerit provides home charging installation services, and is a trusted and experienced partner to automakers and charging companies in both Canada and the U.S. The online experience is seamless for the customer, allowing for a quick step-by-step process in which the customer can take a few photos and receive a quote, without even being visited by an electrician.

3 Steps to Get Your Estimate

Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-EQ Home Cost Estimate Step 1

Step 1

Click over to the easy-to-use installation portal provided by Qmerit.

Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-EQ Home Cost Estimate Step 2

Step 2

Answer some questions and upload a few photos.

Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-EQ Home Cost Estimate Step 3

Step 3

View pricing options instantly.


Where can I find public charging stations and are there enough of them where I live?
There are thousands of electric charging stations all across Canada, and more are popping up every day. Find charging stations near you by visiting: https://www.caa.ca/evstations/. Here you can see all of the charging stations in your area and plan trips knowing where you can recharge along the way.
How often do I need to charge and how long does it take?
In most cases, people charge at home and at work when their car is parked and they’re busy doing other things. Plug-in hybrids have a shorter range in fully electric mode but can be powered by the vehicle’s combustion engine for longer trips.
Are Mercedes-Benz All Electric Vehicles safe?
Mercedes-Benz has set many safety standards that all other automobiles follow. The same high safety standards that define Mercedes-Benz cars apply to plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles. The batteries are all safely protected in the event of an accident, and depending on the severity of the accident, the high voltage system is automatically disconnected in fractions of a second.
Are electric vehicles only for local driving or can I take them on a road trip?
It is a common myth that electric vehicles can only go a short distance. To see where an electric vehicle could take you, visit https://www.caa.ca/evstations/. Here you can see all of the charging stations in your area and plan possible trips and where you can recharge along the way.
Do electric vehicles perform as well as gas-powered vehicles?
Yes. In fact, they perform even better in areas like torque and acceleration. Because the drive system is electric as opposed to mechanical, the reaction is instant, without the lag of a typical gas engine. Electric vehicles are also quieter and smoother for a more pleasant driving experience.
What’s the difference between EQ Technology, EQ Power, and EQ Power+?
All vehicles with an EQ Technology badge have an electric or semi-electric powertrain. EQ Technology vehicles are fully electric, with no gas component whatsoever, whereas vehicles with EQ Power are hybrids, featuring an electric motor alongside a traditional internal combustion engine. Vehicles with EQ Power+ are high-performance hybrids from Mercedes-AMG that use electric technology for enhanced all-around performance.
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