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Tires are a vital part of your Mercedes-Benz performance. They’re the only contact your vehicle has with the road, and affect acceleration, braking, cornering, and the overall safety of your vehicle. That’s why we strongly recommend Mercedes-Benz Approved Tires. They meet our stringent specifications, and have been tested for your vehicle to ensure that you continue to experience the superb performance and handling that have been engineered into your vehicle. In addition, Mercedes-Benz Approved Winter Tires have advanced tread designs and rubber compounds that provide a superior grip on cold and icy roads. They also provide greater stability when braking, and better vehicle handling.

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Mercedes-Benz Original (MO)

Why choose MO Tires? When it comes to delivering optimal performance – and meeting your high standards – Mercedes Original (MO) Tires are the ideal match for your vehicle. Specifically designed for an exact fit and configured to work seamlessly with the safety systems inside a Mercedes-Benz, MO Tires provide maximum reliability, longevity, excellent ride confort, and low noise levels.


Wheels play a key role in enhancing the overall design of our cars. Mercedes-Benz skillfully designed wheels harmoniously complement the bodywork and contribute to the overall design quality of our vehicles. Our standard and optional extra light-alloy wheels are designed by the specialists in the Mercedes-Benz Design Centre.


Mercedes-Benz offer the perfect wheels for every model. All wheels are optimally tailored to Mercedes-Benz vehicles and meet the same high safety standards. In addition, only the most reputed and best suppliers are selected to manufacture the light-alloy wheels worldwide, and production is subject to stringent Mercedes-Benz specifications.

Why do we recommend using a second set of wheels and tires for winter driving?

1. Below 7°C, summer and all- season tires require greater stopping distance reducing both their safety and performance features.
2. Mercedes-Benz Approved Winter Tires have advanced tread designs that provide a superior grip on cold, wet and icy roads.
3. As temperatures drop the rubber compounds of regular tires harden reducing traction on the road whereas winter tires maintain their elasticity even in cold weather.
4. The overall tire size is reduced allowing for a more stable centre of gravity and control.

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